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Sink Mats

Feel Familiar with Sink Mats

By R. Samudra & P. Norman

Sink MatsIt is said that about sixty percent of activities in the kitchen will relate us to the usage of sink. Here we wash the vegetables and fruits, wash the dishes, and so on. Sink must have a good quality and able to operate. Basically, sink has standard form consist of a bowl to wash and a drainer aside, and the model grows widely.

Beside made of stainless steel, sinks are also made of granites, ceramics, and a polyester material similar with granite or ceramics. Since it is very important kitchen equipment, it needs several steps of maintaining to avoid the sink from problems could happen to the sinks. Bad smells, scratches when washing, even stains could comes up. Since protecting and avoiding is better than curing, people invented sink mats.

Kitchen sink mats placed on the sink bowl to protect the sink material from being scratched by sharp tools like knife or pan’s bottom. A sink mat also made to protect the dishes thrown into the sink broken, and in addition, it gives a nice decoration even in your boring corner kitchen sink.

Sink Mats Materials

Sink mats nowaday can be found made of different materials and designed in various type and color. Generally, they are made of soft material to protect the dishes from bump / impact and the glassware is hard to be broken. The producers always make the sink mats with drain hole to let the water flows to the disposal conduit. Sink mats also can be placed under the drying rack as a supporter and keep the tools clean.

The materials used in manufacturing sink mats are rubbers, stainless steels and specified plastic. Rubber or the sink mats stainless steel are designed with some support under it, so it will not float. The size of the sink mat can be adjusted / customized to your kitchen sink by trimming the outer side. But some other kitchen sink mats are made in certain shape like novelty, animal shape or something else, so remember to measure your sink’s dimension before buying the sink mats. A sink mat are cheap, you can find with $4 only.

Even the sink mats are cheap, when it comes the time when dirt accumulated and mildew grew up on it, making bad smell, you don’t need to replace it with a new one. Rejuvenate it; clean it again with following steps to make it smell-free. First, sprinkle cleaner (powder type would be better) over surface of the sink mat. Then scrub it with soft cloth or tooth brush. Repeat the step until you sure that your sink mats clean enough. Rinse both side, recheck for any remaining dirt, and after it dirt free, rinse it for the last time and let it air dry. Rinsing is better when you use cold water.

Rubber sink mats need special treatment. The cleaning steps are similar, don’t forget to brush / scrub softly the both sides with non-scratching tool. When you are sure no stains or odors left, dry the sink mats with towel while waiting for the sink air dry. Rub the sink mat with olive oil on its surface to protect it from over drought and cracking.

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